Aid Projects

Marina was successfully operated

We are happy to share with you an update regarding Marina from Mariupol. She was successfully operated on and is now undergoing a rehabilitation period. Thanks to everyone who supported her! Your donations allowed us to buy the needed heart valve and cover the oxygenator system cost for her. Thank you!

Marina from Mariupol needed help for heart valve replacement. Marina Pak is 39 years old, a refugee from Mariupol who was in the occupation in the cellars of Mariupol for a month. The woman was a successful entrepreneur. She lost her home and business in Mariupol and had to flee with her children in front of the bullets and shelling of the Russian invaders. While she was in the cellars, she caught a fever, which, due to severe stress, had evolved into a heart disease with valve damage. The disease is not treated with medication. There was a need for surgery to open the chest and replace the metal valve. 


operations for dIma

We want to share with you a little joy and even a miracle!
When we volunteered for Mariupol, we tried to help the wounded as much as we could to save them.
We accidentally found out about Dima from Mariupol – his apartment was completely bombed, he survived but suffered a lot and his jaw was crushed. In Mariupol they could not provide the necessary treatment, then for 1.5 weeks without help his wound festered, and he went to occupied Donetsk under bullets – there doctors cleaned the wound from pus. He had no money for treatment – we helped him financially thanks to your donations. But we understood that this was not enough and he needed an operation
Then our partner Stefan Drenkard responded. Now he is actively helping refugees in Germany. He told me “Kristina I will find a doctor who will help him, find a way to bring him to Germany.” Dima and his family (wife and two small children) were sent for filtration. After that, we contacted volunteers from Poland and now he is in Hamburg. Our colleague Ira Kalenskaya met him and took him to the doctor. The doctor will perform 2 operations on him and will assemble his jaw and remove fragments from his neck (which were not removed in Donetsk).
I tell Dima every time that this is God’s miracle, that he survived, that so many people helped him, that Instagram worked and I saw his case. That there are so many kind people in the world who are ready to help! We save lives! Thanks to everyone who helps!
Kristina Lashko, UTA Charity Fund

Every donation can save a life!

Food provided for refugees

One more urgent need is to provide rescued citizens from Mariupol and Sumy cities with food, closing and medicine.

Below are families which already received support. It was such a relief for them to finally be in a safe place and have a proper meal.

Every your donation can save lives of Ukrainians!

Medicines provided to servicemen

Medicines are always needed, especially for our servicemen, who are staying in the cold weather all the time.

We provided the requested medicines for a unit of 25 people located in the Kiev region. They will help cure our servicemen from a runny nose due to cold and dust, keeping them healthy and active.

We constantly receive requests for medicines for our servicemen and refugees.

Every donation can help to cover urgent medical needs!

Buying fuel for Mariupol evacuation cars

We try to support evacuation from Mariupol as possible and cover costs for fuel so volunteers could evacuate Mariupol residents by buses.

every donation can save lives of Ukrainians!

Medical equipment provided to Hospital No 7 in Kiev

Hospital No 7 in Kiev urgently needed stabilizing systems to treat patients with compound fractures.

We have found a reliable producer and already delivered 10 systems to the Hospital. The doctor thanked with tears in his eyes and said that these systems are in big scarce now and are much needed to save people’s legs and arms after injuries.

Every donation can help to cover urgent medical needs!

Humanitarian aid to orphans home provided

As per request of the orphans home – we provided the supply of baby formula, hygiene products, utensils, clothing, sportswear and stationery for orphans. Total amount spent – 1000 EUR.

Every donation makes a significant impact!

large freezer delivered to Zaporizhzhia military hospital

A large freezer was successfully purchased and delivered to the Zaporizhzhia military hospital. Freezer was very much needed to store food and medicines for patients.

We are putting every effort to find needed items at the best possible price – so this large volume fridge we got only for 350 EUR.

Each your donation helps to solve urgent problems of Ukrainian people! Thank you for your input!

Humanitarian aid for Kyiv Hospital

The request of Kyiv Hospital in Holosiivsky district was successfully fulfilled – necessary amount of food was purchased and delivered. This is incredibly important, as patients need to eat fresh food to recover quickly.

Doctors and injured soldiers are sending a lot of thanks to you for your help!

Communication cable for servicemen

18km of communication cable delivered to provide stable communication for combat units in Kyiv region.

Thank you for your input!